real estate investing

Real Estate Investing …. Is It Something Better?

real estate investing
You know, I’ve heard that investing in real estate is the best way to create wealth and build a net worth. After working for 28 years I got no net worth and no wealth and nothing to show for it.

At 46 years old, I don’t see me retiring at all the traditional route, never liked that way anyway. Need to look at other alternatives and re-strategize. Starting a business is the ideal thing. Create some revenue and save money on taxes. Use the system so to speak. Think like the rich do.

I have always loved the idea of investing in real estate as the way I wanted to live my life.┬áI remember watching those Charlton Sheets┬áinfomercials”No Money Down” years ago. Remember those?

The idea of being a real estate agent has crossed my mind a time or two but driving clients around hoping for them to make a decision on a buy and going through escrow. A lot of wait time. Not the perfect plan for me. I need NOW. Time is short.

Home inspection was another way but NO. Too slow.

I am in pursuit of happiness by way of investing in real estate from here on out. For awhile there I was putting my email address to a few REI gurus newsletters seeing what they have to offer and one day I found an ad in Craigslist. It was that ad that I found something very special and a journey was started.

Let the journey begin.

I am going to use this website as an educational portal and share my experiences with you, of me going through my journey. Here is post #001 of many. Stay tune for videos, pictures and other content as well.

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